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Precision Dentures

If you are having unusual problems with the fit of your dentures, we have the Sr-Ivocap System Kasper Denture Clinic that is highly recommended.

Well-known practitioners have published authoritative articles and reports documenting the superlative quality of SR-Ivocap in terms of precise fit, occlusion, and tissue compatibility. It is a denture processing system that controls the shrinkage of the denture base material during polymerization.

The finished denture will be an exact reproduction of the waxed up-denture. It will need very little adjustment and occlusal grinding of the teeth is practically eliminated.

The IVOCAP acrylic is completely homogeneous and contains no free monomer. It is therefore ideal for patients who are allergic to monomer or who suffer from Stomatitis Prosthesis (localized burning sensation due to bacterial growth in porous dentures).

It is a proven fact that the "end-user", the patient, observes a remarkable improvement in both fit and function.

This satisfaction means less stress for both the practitioner and the patient and reduces the adjustment period for the patient to the new denture.

Implant Retained Dentures 

This is the optimum tooth replacement that can be achieved with implants. Implants are a root replacement system. Once implanted into your jaw, the implant and the bone integrate together as a cohesive unit. This is what will help retain and stabilize your denture.

In studies, dental implants are shown to preserve bone and reduce tissue loss. Eating, speech and laughter can now be performed with confidence. Patients feel better and gain a newfound way of life.

The rate of success of implants is over 90%. The procedure is less invasive than having a natural tooth pulled.

Ball & O-Ring Retained - Bar & Clip Retained

Implant Benefits

* Improve confidence

* Stability during eating

* Increase preservation of bone

* Decrease gum and tissue shrinkage

* Less food under the denture

* Superior Esthetics

* Social interaction with confidence

* Feels more like natural dentition

Partial Dentures

A removable partial denture can replace one or all missing teeth. It is designed specifically to meet the needs of the patient. Esthetics appearance and speech are restored along with the ability to function while eating confidently and efficiently.

A partial denture may also help to preserve the natural tooth placement of existing teeth. They ensure proper chewing and digestion by thoroughly cutting and grinding your food. A properly designed partial denture will assist in the support of existing teeth. A removable partial denture will improve your way of life.

Valpast Flexible Partial Denture - Cast Partial Denture
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